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 PHONE: (385) 267-1132


ADDRESS: 314 Broadway Suite 222

Downtown, Salt Lake City, UT

(Free 2 Hour Parking!)

Co-Working Hours: 

Monday-Thursday 8:30am-6:00pm* +

*We are happy to stay open a bit later if you are a member and want an evening work sesh... we'll stay open till 8pm. (Must arrive before closing)

Friday 8:30am-4pm

Childcare Hours: 

Monday-Thursday 9am-5:00pm +

Friday 9am-1pm



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Our events are open to everyone, not exclusively members! To learn more about each event follow the "buy ticket" link to the event page. Select events are free for members, however we do recommend you reserve your spot in advance.

Join us on Wednesday November 11th for our Open House where we'll be celebrating our 6 Month Anniversary (or 1/2 Birthday!) with a champagne toast.

You can spend the day co-working for free, and take advantage of free childcare (for 1 child, up to 4 hrs). We'll be buying everyone lunch at 1pm and then doing a champagne toast.

Celebrate and co-work with us!

All Tickets FREE: Limited space available so reserve your ticket in advance.

Have you heard about all of the business getting done on LinkedIn, but you don't know where to start for your business?


Have you been using LinkedIn, but aren't seeing any return?


In this presentation, we will go over the tools and principles you need to start bringing in business from your LinkedIn efforts!


From story telling to growing your network, I will share with you the tips and tricks to getting more from your LinkedIn experience that will help your business GROW. This class is designed for those that are just starting on LinkedIn and those who are not finding engagement from their customers or network.

Members: FREE

Nonmembers: $10

Lunch + Learn with Villa Leadership

Most of us have heard about how important emotional intelligence is to success in our businesses and careers, but what is it, really? EQ (or EI) is more than keeping a lid on our emotions at work; self-awareness and self-management are key elements of communication and influence. Reading and responding to others’ emotions appropriately also helps us harness and leverage the power of emotions for good decision-making, stress reduction, productivity, motivation and engagement. In this workshop, we will explore five categories of emotional intelligence from the EQ-I 2.0® model, and learn a variety of emotional and social intelligence tools for: Building self-awareness and self-management to reduce stress and increase positive emotion Understanding how different perspectives on events often lead to conflicts and negative emotional responses Communicating assertively to balance our needs with others’ needs to get the best results

Members: FREE - Lunch is sponsored by Villa Leadership!

Nonmembers: $25

Join us for a night with Ciara Goins of from O So Knotty and learn to make your own unique wool wall hanging!

Come hang out with your girls, drink some wine, have some snacks, and get your craft on. Ciara will be bringing pre-dyed wool to teach you about, and from there you'll learn to make your very own tapestry to take home at the end of the night.

Don't miss out on this amazing time!

Tickets: $50

Come and embrace with us the season of Sagittarius in our Zodiac Series with Kambria. Known as the most optimistic and happy-go-lucky sign.


This sign empowers us to teach our personal truth highlighting wisdom and healing through positivity. In this season following Scorpio, the ruler of death, we will explore the optimism and truth in ourselves. This is the season with the power to transform us from a state of bearing light to becoming light. Join us for a night of seeing the truth within yourself to manifest the life you want using the power of Sagittarius.

Member Tickets: Free

Nonmember Tickets: $22

The most valuable step in your marketing plan? Defining your key audience. Get crystal clear on who they are, what they need, and how to talk to them at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Join Ashley and Raechel from BrightZebra Marketing as we walk you through our 5-step target audience process to help you clearly understand who you should be targeting, what your target audience needs from you, and how you can make a solid content marketing plan around the stages of the buyer’s journey. Whether you’re just starting out and looking to build your marketing plan from scratch or you’re a pro looking to boost your existing marketing efforts, we’ll teach you why defining your audience with our 5-step process is key to future success.

Member Tickets: $10

Nonmember Tickets: $25

Join us for our first, monthly book club, Cocktails and Conversations! At this meeting, we'll be discussing Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo.

Our member Sharon from The Ambition Guide will be leading the meeting with worksheets and content to create a beneficial and educational (but fun) discussion focused on self development.


Cocktails and a good book discussion?

Yes please.

Don't miss out on this amazing time!

Member Tickets: Free 

Nonmember Tickets: Free for first event