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Ladybird Member Spotlight: Shelby King

Welcome to another member spotlight featuring one of our OG Founding Members,

Shelby King!

We love to share details about our members, their businesses, careers, hobbies, and anything else - so you can get to know a little bit about who you are working alongside at Ladybird Society.

Read on to hear about how Shelby measures success, what she loves about her career, and how she stays clear of burnout.

Tell us a bit about yourself, boss babe?

I am a 34 year old, single, working professional.  I grew up in West Valley City, UT and went to school for Interior Design.  I currently work in a sales rep role in the commercial interior industry.  I spend a lot of my free time with family and friends.  I am a part of a neighborhood book club and have a strong interest in local politics and volunteering.  I thrive on learning new things and participating in social and community events (both planning and attending).  I tend to gravitate to a more female friend/support system which is what attracted me to Ladybird! 

What does your typical day look like?  My typical day is running around town and meeting with clients to provide product update presentations, etc.  I use Ladybird as my touchdown space to respond to emails and get some heads down work done between my appointments.

How do you measure success?  I measure success by tracking sales volume and margin, both overall and by segment in my market.  I measure overall success in my life by my level of happiness. 

What's the hardest thing you've learned from having your own business?  Well, I don’t technically have my own business but I manage the sales for a territory (Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Jackson) so I’m responsible for running my book of business the way I want and see fit.  The hardest thing I’ve learned is probably time management.  I have to meet with a lot of clients and travel to presentations so it’s really important that I’m using my time efficiently.  It’s something that seems easy and straight forward but has actually taken me quite a while to truly understand.

What excites you most about what you do?  Adding value to my clients business and winning projects excites me the most! 

How do you stay creative, motivated and stave off burnout? Where do you look for inspiration?  Networking and collaborating with other people (both industry members and those in other networks) probably motivates me the most.  Having an honest conversation with other working professionals when I’m feeling a burnout coming on is the most motivating thing for me.  I also listen to a podcast called “No Limits” that inspires me!

If you could go back in time, to give the younger version of you advice from what you've learned as an entrepreneur, what would that be?  I would tell the younger version of me to trust myself and go after my interests with intention and velocity. 

If you could attend a dinner party with ANY 2 people- who would they be?  Steve Martin and Julia Louis-Dreyfus…humor is very important to me.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into Shelby's life and journey. Be sure to follow along by following her on Instagram here.