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Ladybird Member Spotlight: Marlie Rosenberg

Marlie is currently a stay at home mom trying to be more of a work at home (or the Ladybird) mom!

Marlie was one of our very first Founding Members! She has an online business creating and selling curriculum to teachers as well as running a baby play Instagram and blog. You can find her at www.marlierosenberg.com or on Instagram at @marlierosenberg

What does your typical day look like?

There is no "typical" when you have an almost 1 year old! My husband travels a lot for work and we are transplants with no family in the area, let alone the same time zone! My typical day revolves around the minutia of feeding and keeping the tiny human alive! I try hard to structure my weeks over my days. Typically I try to come to the Ladybird on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Tuesdays and Fridays I take Miles to the JCC for swimming, and Thursdays are left open for playdates. We will go to a museum, parks,  the Tracy Aviary, or just meet up with friends. It helps to have a weekly schedule with flexible times. 

How do you measure success?

Until recently, I have always worked many jobs and had my hand in many pots. It wasn't until staying at home with my son that I changed my perspective of success. My old perspective, or measurement, of success always revolved around how many units of my curriculum I sold. Now staying at home I measure success with a mental perspective. I feel successful when I work hard and accomplish my weekly goals. Success for me is no longer a numbers game.

What's the hardest thing you've learned from having your own business? The hardest thing I have learned is to find ways to outsource certain aspects of my business. It is very hard to trust others with your "baby." I have found other ways to outsource non business aspects to help me focus on my curriculum. For example, coming to the Ladybird and taking advantage of their childcare. When you are working form home you also find that it is hard to get anything done with dishes staring you down or seeing the floor needing to be swept. It has taken a lot of pride swallowing, but since finding a housekeeper I have been able to focus more on my work instead of the housework. 

Marlie + Miles at Ladybird

What excites you most about what you do?

I love receiving emails and messages from other teachers using my curriculum. I also love getting messages from moms telling me they have tried my baby play ideas with their little ones. I get so much joy when a mother tells me that doing something I have posted about made their child happy! Mothers helping mothers needs to be the new normal. No more mom shaming!  How do you stay creative, motivated and stave off burnout?

Where do you look for inspiration?I feel like my son is my biggest motivator. I love creating new ways to play with him. He is also my motivation to create curriculum. I am motivated to work hard so I am able to continue to stay at home with him during these formative years. Where I find the majority of inspiration is from other teachers and moms I have connected with over the past few years. I'm still working on ways to stave off burnout - momming aint easy!  If you could go back in time, to give the younger version of you advice from what you've learned as an entrepreneur, what would that be?

I do not want to admit this; however, I would tell my younger self to go into a career away from teaching. I love teaching! I really do, I teach my son every day and am so thankful that I get to use my degree to help moms. The problem is teaching doesn't pay the bills, teaching doesn't cover childcare expenses, teaching is becoming a less respected profession, and teaching has become restrictive to state standards and test scores. It is just not what I thought it would be when I decided to get my degree 15 years ago. If you could attend a dinner party with ANY 2 people- who would they be? This was the easiest question yet! Amy Poehler and Ruth Bader Ginsberg